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Since 1989…  Our headquarters is in DeKalb.  As a result, we’ve had the opportunity to work with many local businesses.  We’ve been active members of the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce for over 10 years.  Here are some examples of DeKalb website design, and a brief description.  To see some of our national accounts, look at the WEB portion of our portfolio.

  • Ben Gordon Center
  • Ben Gordon Center Dodgeball
  • Studio One Salon & Spa
  • Advanced Family Eyecare Center
  • DeKalb Alumni Association
  • DeKalb County Farm Bureau
  • Braden Counseling Center
  • Trusted Networking Advisors
  • Carl Mook Financial Group
  • Salon Suites of Sycamore
  • Penniall Family Dental
  • Bruce Steinberg Law Office
  • Dana’s Day Spa



DeKalb, IL – Web Design, Graphic Design

Site Launch date: January, 2010 – on-going updates

This web site is the flagship information vehicle for the Ben Gordon Center (BGC).  BGC serves the DeKalb/ / Sycamore area and has provided mental health counseling and substance abuse treatment services since 1968. Since that time, they have expanded to provide services at four sites, in addition to the main site on Health Services Drive in DeKalb.  Nearly 40 counselors and therapists, many with licenses and certifications in their areas of specialization, provide a variety of services in a number of clinical specialties for women, children, adolescents, couples, and families.  UPDATE:  As of March, 2012, the Ben Gordon Center will be making most of the changes and additions to their web site.  In order to do this, we re-created the site in a Content Management System, then trained Michelle LaPage, the BGC’s Development Director, in its operation.  Within a day she was able to add content to several of the pages, including an on-site video.



DeKalb/Sycamore – Web Site Design

Site Launch date: March, 2011

A recently added feature to the Ben Gordon web site allows for individuals to create on-line teams, create a social network, and track donations for the annual Dodgeball tournament.



DeKalb, IL – Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography

Site Launch date: May 2011 – on-going updates

This web site features pages the Studio One staff can update as needed.  The site uses a full function shopping cart for the purchase of gift cards.  Featured on the home page is a layered photograph taken by Randy Ford who took photos throughout a day/night sequence, then sandwiched them together for optimum inside/outside effect.



Sycamore, IL – Web Design

In addition to providing comprehensive eye care to the DeKalb / Sycamore area, Advanced Family Eyecare has an eyeglass manufacturing facility on-site.  As a result, they are able to offer speedy service to their clients.  The facility is one of the Midwest’s premiere manufacturing sources and they create eye wear for providers all across the area.  Advanced Family Eyecare Center services the DeKalb and Sycamore areas.  Accordingly, we have utilized content and keywords in the site’s design targeting both areas.



DeKalb, IL – Web Design

Site Launch date: December  2009 – on-going updates

The DEKALB Alumni Association uses this web site to promote ongoing connectivity among their members, to provide enjoyable venues for their social interaction, and to preserve the rich heritage of the company and its many contributions to the local, national and global development of modern agriculture.



DeKalb, IL – Web Design

Site Launch date: February  2011 – on-going updates

New ways for better days – The goal of Braden Counseling Center (BCC) is to help you change your life, so you can learn to do it on your own. Use the web site to learn about BCC’s experienced staff that is licensed by the State of Illinois to provide mental health services. BCC also offers a variety of evaluations, including same-day DUI evaluations, and legal and forensic work for attorneys.



DeKalb and Sycamore, IL – Web Design, graphic design

Site Launch date: October  2010 – on-going updates

Trusted Networking Advisors is a group of business professionals from the Kane, DeKalb, Sycamore and surrounding communities united with a shared vision and goal of building their businesses.  Attainment of this goal is based upon the principle of providing the highest level of customer service to their clientele, and by adding value to every client and individual with whom they come into contact.   On the web site are member listings, links to each members web site plus a blog and social media for keeping members informed.



Sycamore, IL – Web Design



Sycamore, IL – Web Design

Salon Suites of Sycamore leases individual, private suites to licensed hair and spa professionals.  The web site is designed to showcase the building as well as individual suites.



St. Charles, IL – Web Design



Batavia, IL – Web Design

Bruce is an active blogger and understand the use of keywords in the content.  His improved on-line search results have increased the number of client inquiries.  As a result, he has been able to cut back on his print advertising.



Sycamore, IL – Web Site Functionality

We were asked to add the gift certificate functionality.  Working with Parrothead Studios (who designed the site), we added the Gift Certificate link, programming, and designed the printable page.