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Google Congratulations x2

Google congratulations is a good day.

A great day is receiving two!

The first letter informed us that we had achieved the status of Badged Google Partner: “Congratulations! You've demonstrated AdWords expertise and earned your Partner status, badge and benefits. Display the badge on your website and marketing materials and start connecting with new clients on Google Partner search.”

The second note began, “Congratulations! You've proven your search ads skills!”  It went on to say, “Your new specialization recognizes that Balcom-Vetillo Design, Inc. has demonstrated expertise and sustained client performance in search advertising.”

What does it mean for you? Confidence! As a badged Google partner, our search and on-line advertising recommendations are based on extensive, knowledgeable experience.  We are currently coordinating several on-going digital advertising and awareness campaigns for our national and local clients.  Each campaign is built upon our years of learning, application, and testing.

Probably the best benefits for our clients are the exclusive learning opportunities now available to us: “Because your agency qualifies for Google Partner status, you have access to a number of program benefits. Including:

  • Product trainings and certifications
  • Sales trainings
  • Community membership and product updates
  • Performance reporting
  • Phone, chat, and more
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Our team of programmers can develop anything from simple customized WordPress sites to complete custom web applications using PHP, Javascript and MySQL programming standards. We also can take your application to mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Your site will be hosted on our optimized Linux servers. Multiple PHP versions are available as well as custom modules or configurations upon request, including node.js capability. All aspects of your web hosting can be managed through a standard cPanel setup. We include SSH and SFTP access for secure management of your site. SSL hosting and certificates are also available with a static IP address. All static IP addresses include full reverse DNS setup.