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Our Adventure in Crypto Currency

We lost 5% of our money the first day!

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

By now you’ve probably heard about the security and trust factors of blockchain*.  We heard, and we figured it was just a matter of time before we’d be working with our clients to develop interfaces for a blockchain network.   After all, no one is going to use blockchain unless a designer and programmer have created user-friendly access.

After much research and data gathering, after watching hours of videos and asking a lot of questions, we learned that we’re a bit ahead of the curve.  Major companies are in the early stages of developing business-friendly interfaces.   We, of course, will wait and see what they do… and be ready to assist.

End of story?  No.

Blockchain came into existence with the introduction of Bitcoin, which then lead to the introduction of many other crypto currencies.  How could we fully understand and appreciate blockchain technology unless we invested?

Step one was to create an on-line wallet.  We learned that Coinbase is a universally trusted wallet and we all set up our accounts with them (it’s...read more

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Our team of programmers can develop anything from simple customized WordPress sites to complete custom web applications using PHP, Javascript and MySQL programming standards. We also can take your application to mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Your site will be hosted on our optimized Linux servers. Multiple PHP versions are available as well as custom modules or configurations upon request, including node.js capability. All aspects of your web hosting can be managed through a standard cPanel setup. We include SFTP access for secure management of your site. Free SSL certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt are included to help keep your data secure.