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Confessions of a Pokémon Nerd

Back in July of 2016 when Pokémon Go was first released, I and all my workmates jumped in on the craze.  We created our avatars, learned the ins and out and secrets of how to get points, and proudly showed off a freshly captured Pokémon to the others if we were the first one to find it.

Being in advertising and web commerce, I also told friends and clients that I played because of the future marketing aspects. Imagine the business boost if your store became a Pokestop, or if your branded T-shirt was an option for avatars.  It didn’t happen, but the potential was there.

Then all at once the game faded in popularity.  There were glitches and it seemed to take forever to load on our phones.  Plus, there was “talk” after a couple of feverish months of momentum that Pokémon wasn’t cool anymore.  It was a fad that had run its course.   Near the beginning of 2017, after six months of spinning, throwing, hatching, and evolving, we all decided to set aside Pokémon.

But the seeds had been planted....read more

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