Confessions of a Pokémon Nerd

Back in July of 2016 when Pokémon Go was first released, I and all my workmates jumped in on the craze.  We created our avatars, learned the ins and out and secrets of how to get points, and proudly showed off a freshly captured Pokémon to the others if we were the first one to find it.

Being in advertising and web commerce, I also told friends and clients that I played because of the future marketing aspects. Imagine the business boost if your store became a Pokestop, or if your branded T-shirt was an option for avatars.  It didn’t happen, but the potential was there.

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Our Adventure in Crypto Currency

We lost 5% of our money the first day!

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

By now you’ve probably heard about the security and trust factors of blockchain*.  We heard, and we figured it was just a matter of time before we’d be working with our clients to develop interfaces for a blockchain network.   After all, no one is going to use blockchain unless a designer and programmer have created user-friendly access.

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Google Congratulations x2

Google congratulations is a good day. A great day is receiving two! The first letter informed us that we had achieved the status of Badged…

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Where’s the Burger?

No matter how much a person reads, attends seminars, or talks with professionals, some things just happen to slip by.  Well…. that statement may or…

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11.5 Tidbits of Powerful SEO. #9 will blow you away!

1. Practice ZEN. What are you? To find the answer, you need to think like your customers. In a search, what words would a potential…

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The Creative Process is like a Cup of Coffee: Dump or Scoop?

  We have a coffeemaker and brew a pot of coffee almost every day of work.  There isn’t one person who has the assignment of making the…

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Mobile friendly sites now rank higher in Google

Mobile friendly sites now rank higher in Google… If you’re using Google to search from your phone or tablet, you’ll be seeing a change in…

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Google Partners Event

Google Partners Event Feedback – When the Google digital marketing seminar began, Google started with a discussion on the importance of having a web site…

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