11.5 Tidbits of Powerful SEO. #9 will blow you away!

1. Practice ZEN. What are you? To find the answer, you need to think like your customers. In a search, what words would a potential customer use to find a business like yours? Once you have some words, check them out in Google’s free keyword planner.  Use those words throughout your site’s content.

2. Go shopping. Use your keywords in a search and see what you find.  Already there on the first page?  Great!  If not, see who is there and learn from their sites.

3. Kill your darlings. That’s a term writers use to eliminate those words and phrases that they really like, but contribute little to the story or article. The same is true of SEO. The ideal URL and company slogan echo the words from #1.

4. Get out there and dance. Being a passive wallflower doesn’t sell. Be social. Use Facebook and Twitter to connect with the world.

5. Donate to charity. It’s not always about your business. In a news section or on social media, include information about the activities you and your employees do on the weekends.

6. Talk to yourself. Ask Alexa or Google to find a business like yours. The number of voice searches is on the rise and will only continue to grow. Your conversation with Alexa may redirect your keyword choices.

7. Smell the zinnias (or roses). SEO is an unending marathon. Be patient. While you’re optimizing your site, so is your competitor.  Securing the top position requires dedication.

8. Sitting can hurt you. Everything will be mobile one day. Now is the time to organize your content with the future in mind.

9. Write a headline that embarrasses you. Like the headline to this blog post. Not only is it fun, there’s a good chance it’ll get more attention.

10. The square root of 9 is 3. Incorporate data into your site and posts. Did you know there are 3.5 billion Google searches every day?  And there are 6,000 tweets per second. Isn’t that interesting?  Put info like that on your site and in your posts.

11. Learn how to scuba dive. Everything written here is about your site’s surface. Go deeper. Hire a professional because all of the buzzwords you hear are real: density, meta tags, links, analytics, rank, SERPs, bounce rate and more. It’s smart to understand them, even better to do them.

11.5 Be proud.  Associate your name, your brand, with your work.  Here’s an example: this blog post was written by Mike Balcom-Vetillo.