Balcom-Vetillo Design’s in-house development team can develop any custom web application you are looking for. From simple web forms to complex database management systems. Our developers are experienced in PHP, MySQL/MariaDB, Javascript, Node.js as well as all the major PHP frameworks and WordPress plugin development.

Our experienced team can manage the project from start to finish. We’ll help build the initial project specifications and build out a project timeline.

PHP is the backbone of most web applications. Our developers have over 15 years of experience developing in PHP. PHP’s open-source nature allows it to keep up with modern technology and work just about anywhere.

Using the correct type of database is extremely important for speed and long term scalability. We’ll determine the proper database engine (or combination of) for your project to ensure it will scale and perform as expected. We not only have extensive experience in  relational databases like MySQL and MariaDB but also work with the latest NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, CouchDB and redis.

Using Javascript to make your web site or web application interactive is essential. We work with pure Javascript as well as with frameworks such as jQuery.

Larger projects may require speed or capabilities that can not be achieved with Apache and PHP. In those cases we can build out a custom application using Node.js. Written in Javasctipy, Node embeds web server and application capabilities into an efficient package.