• Website and Web Application Hosting
    Balcom-Vetillo provides advanced hosting services to keep your site online and responsive. All hosting services are fully monitored and managed so you can worry less about your site being online and focus on your business.
  • Standard Website Hosting
    Your site will be hosted on our optimized Linux servers. Multiple PHP versions are available as well as custom modules or configurations upon request, including node.js capability. All aspects of your web hosting can be managed through a standard cPanel setup. We include SFTP access for secure management of your site. Free SSL certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt are included to help keep your data secure.
  • Managed Website Hosting
    Get all of the features of our standard hosting plus let us manage it for you. Backups can be scheduled at regular intervals to help prevent any data loss. With managed hosting we will monitor your site for security and performance issues. We can also perform any configurations via email or with a simple phone call.
  • WordPress Hosting
    Our basic WordPress hosting services are designed to optimize the speed and reliability of your WordPress based site. Our servers are located in strategically placed data centers throughout the country. We continually monitor our servers to provide you with the most reliable hosting.  We are able to scale your hosting needs as your site grows.  Backups are done on a daily basis.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
    We’ll monitor your WordPress site and apply security updates as needed. In the event your site is compromised, we will notify you and help bring the site back up ASAP.  Backups can be scheduled at regular intervals to help prevent any data loss.
  • Domain Names
    We can work with you to determine the best domain name for your online presence. We offer domain names at competitive pricing.
  • SSL (https) Certificates and Hosting
    We use Let’s Encrypt to give every site we host a free SSL certificate. Not only does this help give your website users confidence in your website but it may also help your SEO ranking.
  • Advanced Hosting & Dedicated Servers
    For high traffic sites or sites that require fully custom environments we will work with you to determine the best hosting setup. This can include dedicated servers, distributed servers, AWS and CDN integration.