KSB Hospital

KSB Hospital is a corporate health, occupational medicine, behavioral health, and medical services facility.


KSB Hospital is built upon a customized WordPress based CMS. The admin interface is designed to cater to different departments with different access capabilities.

The site search as been developed to provide prioritized information depending on the context as the search. This makes it easy for the user to find exactly what they need without crowding their search results with irrelevant information.

Locations, doctors and services are integrated as relational data to provide a highly integrated experience for the user. These pages are also integrated with a SMS gateway to allow the user to send themselves information about a doctor or location including phone numbers and directions to a location.

The careers section allows HR to post jobs and receive applications from users. These applications can be fully managed from the back-end, including different statuses and archiving capabilities. This allows HR to streamline their online based application process.

A patient favorite is the “Send a Cheer Card” section. Patient family and friends can use this to send a custom greeting card to the patient. These are automatically generated into a PDF which is then printed at the hospital and delivered to the patient. Personalized pictures and text can be added to these.

A separate mobile version of the site was created to cater specifically to mobile devices. This was chosen over a responsive design because of the extensive capability of the site. The mobile version emphasizes the information someone would want to get while on the go. Features include location directions and creating Cheer Cards from pictures taken on the mobile device.

KSB Hospital
  • Career Database
  • CMS
  • CSS3
  • eCommerce
  • Highly Customized CMS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Multi-Admin Capabilities
  • MySQL
  • PDF Generation
  • PHP
  • SMS Gateway
  • Social Integration
  • Wordpress